Where We Work

     Bayridge’s housing and community development program was initially designed to work within 400 to 600 hundred miles of Colorado. However, as the program developed, and at the request of international interests, it became apparent that the technical and operational aspects of the program could be effective in most areas world wide. The challenge was to get the people to implement the program in other areas. Even the best international businesses have a difficult time maintaining adequate management and key operational personnel.

     Bayridge’s solution is to provide training and technical support to others so that they can implement the program in their community in their own country. Bayridge has provided initial program information to citizen groups from both Argentina and Mexico. Infonavit, Mexico’s national housing authority has a series of standard house designs. Bayridge’s production system can readily produce any of Infonavit’s designs in a variety of different exterior finish materials, roof treatments and trim details.